Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to be approved for my professional stylist account?

Account application forms are checked daily. If certain criteria are met, stylists will receive an approval email with assigned login and password within 24-72 hours of submission.

What are the criteria to be approved for a pro Golden State Strands account?

Criteria Golden State strands pro account criteria

- Valid and current cosmetology license

- Level of experience

- Method certification(s)

- Social media presence

Why doesn’t Golden State Strands sell to non-professionals?

As professional industry leaders, we believe in quality control and having our hair in the hands of trained professionals. The success of the industry is built upon licensed professionals’ ability to provide quality services using quality products.

As a retail product, some professionals may choose to resell the hair for MSRP. We appreciate and understand that professionals can make additional income by doing so. It is our commitment to keep the hair exclusive to licensed professionals, allowing them the opportunity to generate additional income.

How can I take care of my extensions?

We've put together an Extension Care Guide so you can have long lasting, beautiful hair.

View Extention Care Guide